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Building an experienced outside sales force requires time, expertise, and most importantly large amounts of working capital.  By outsourcing your sales force to PrimeReps LLC, you can rest assured that your products will be marketed by experienced professionals in the most cost effective manner possible.  The cost to hire and manage a company's factory representatives including management salaries and commissions, rep salaries and commissions, travel expenses, payroll taxes and benefits can easily exceed $1 million in the first year, with little or no sales orders to show for it.  This expense consumes large amounts of working capital that could be used for R&D, equipment purchases or product development.  Utilizing PrimeReps LLC to outsource your sales force will require your company to pay only for the sales production received from your PrimeReps representatives.  You will not pay for the pioneering work done on your behalf by PrimeReps LLC unless it results in a sales order.  In this way, your company can expend your working capital more wisely knowing that the sales orders received will cover the cost of the sales by the PrimeReps representative, making the budgeting process much easier.

PrimeReps LLC is ideally situated to take your product line to market.  We are ready to go NOW!  In most cases, we have reps who are already working with the dealers you are most intent on approaching. PrimeReps LLC is already in your markets and knows the dealers and distributors.  We have other products that we are selling to our existing dealer network and can easily and efficiently add your product line to our portolio.  While we are visiting one of our dealers or distributors, we can offer your products and keep your line fresh in the customer's mind so that when they are ready to make a purchase they will purchase your products.  Your PrimeReps representatives will use your company name.  Rarely do we mention the PrimeRep name.  Although PrimeReps LLC represents other manufacturers, your PrimeReps representatives will be indistinguishable as anything other than your factory rep.  Our PrimeReps representatives will provide all levels of service from the sales approach to the point of sale through to the delivery, to the product training, service and warranty claims service after the sale.  

You will have the confidence of knowing that PrimeReps LLC provides you with everything your company needs to reach your customers including:

  • Experienced and trained Sales Professionals
  • Territories throughout the United States, Canada, and the Carribean
  • Extensive branding and marketing to ensure sustained sales growth
  • Regular communication between your company and PrimeReps management, representatives, distributors and dealers
PrimeReps, LLC can help you build your dealer network quickly and in the most cost effective way possible!


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